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The Clarity™ brand of ceramic brackets from 3M provides the look you want and the functionality that allows you to smile with ease. These ceramic brackets have a comfortable design, a translucent appearance, and high-quality design.

Clarity™ braces blend right in, and you'll be able to smile confidently. The translucent appearance allows them to blend in, and they are small and smooth for optimal comfort. They will not stain your teeth, and are trusted and used by orthodontists worldwide.

They'll blend right in

Clarity™ ADVANCED is the latest development from 3M, a major step forward for ceramic brackets. These provide enhanced comfort, along with the available APC™ Adhesive System, with the ability to protect tooth enamel at a reduced bonding time.

The latest advancements

Clear braces have become more popular with today's teens and adults who would rather not let everyone know they are having their teeth straightened. Clarity™ Ceramic Braces may work for you.

The look and functionality you deserve

There's nothing wrong with the popular choice

Joseph D. Martinez Orthodontics of La Grande, OR offers Clarity Metal-Reinforced Ceramic Brackets and Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets.

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